Every time you can’t find a reason to keep on living, remember there are people who would give anything to be in your place…

The good times become great memories. The bad times become great lessons.

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Be thankful for what you have. You have no idea how many people would love to have what you’ve got.

Be thankful for what you have today. Work hard for what you have tomorrow.

When some things go wrong, take a moment to be thankful for the many more things that are still going right.

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You can’t find the right person if you’re still holding on to the wrong oneBest friends know how crazy you are and still choose to be seen with you in public

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits


Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t

Stop worrying about what you have to lose and start focusing on what you have to gain

There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream

If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can’t buy

blowing out someone else’s candle does not make yours shine any brighter

When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you

The most sincere feelings are the hardest to be expressed by words


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Sometimes some things go wrong so that we can grow strong. Sometimes some things go bad so that we can grow better.

You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.

you are strong. you are capable of going through anything. all you really have to do is believe, that is the key.


Being a strong person means knowing that in the end everything is going to be okay and if something is meant to be then you realize, no matter what, it will find a way.

The Strongest Emotion We Will Ever Feel Is Simply Regret.

Being strong doesn’t mean you’ll never get hurt. It means that even when you do get hurt, you’ll never let it defeat you.

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25 Inspirational Quotes on Wealth and Money

25 Inspirational Quotes on Wealth and Money


Before you speak, listen. Before you write, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you invest, investigate. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try. Before you retire, save. Before you die, give.

It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.

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Inspirational Sunday Quotes

Inspirational Sunday Quotes


1.Smile more than you cry, give more than you take and love more than you hate.”
2.Just in terms of allocation of time resources, religion is not very efficient. There’s a lot more I could be doing on a Sunday morning. –

3.My favorite meal would have to be good old-fashioned eggs, over easy, with bacon. Many others, but you can’t beat that on a Sunday morning, especially with a cup of tea. –

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The more you resist change, the more it will be painful for you to accept it.

It’s funny how a single decision can change entire course of your life and it turns you into what you never wanted to be.

What makes you Different, Makes you Special. Don’t ever change to fit someone else’s needs. Read more ›

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